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Megan, Birth Doula Client

"I worked with Stevie for ~6 months. She is an excellent mix of scientific and spiritual.  Prenatally, she supported me by providing resources to personal questions and concerns I had and also provided therapeutic services to help my partner and I process past traumas in preparation for the mental and spiritual journey of giving birth and beyond. She helped my partner process his father-issues, which aided him in his healing work to prepare for fatherhood. 
Early in my 8th month, I was going through an emotionally difficult time balancing the stresses of the pandemic, working full-time as a healthcare worker, and a crisis in my home life. Stevie provided holistic and effective bodywork with me that was invaluable for the regulation of my heart and mind and was needed to restore a safe environment for my growing baby.
I had a long and tough labor, ~43 hours.  At the birth center, Stevie showed her manual skill and techniques by taking me through a series of intense circuits needed to progress my labor.  When a midwife with a medical background came during a shift change and coldly told me I needed to transfer to the hospital after being at the birth center for only 7 hours, Stevie was there to affirm my process and hold space for me in that very vulnerable time (I was on the verge of a panic attack and in intense early labor).  She was gentle, but objective, calmly explaining that my process was completely normal and informing me of my rights and options. Her intuition and thoughtful questions while processing what was happening at that moment were astounding.  I decided to go home and hope that my labor would progress there.  She educated us on what to expect when we got home, and she was always accessible and transparent. I ended up having a successful vaginal birth at the birth center later that night. 
During the early postpartum period, Stevie checked in on us with advice and warm support, as well as gifts(!) when it was time to deliver my placenta capsules. She transformed my placenta three different ways- two of which came from her own intuition and what she felt "called to do."  The closing of the bones ritual was nourishing, sacred, and needed for anybody completing their cuarentena.  She truly embodies her politics and what she stands for, which as an activist and community organizer, is a hard bonus. I'd recommend Stevie again in a heartbeat."

Gabby, Birth Doula Client

"Stevie is great! Made me feel at ease during this process. As a masculine of center person of color I found it intimidating and nerve recking going through the pregnancy process. My wife decided having a doula might help and it really made a difference. I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding, calm, helpful doula who constantly checked in and made sure we were comfortable. Even after the baby was born the home visits made afterwards were helpful. She educated us on the body’s transformation and help me heal both spiritually and physically. My baby boy is doing great and healthy and am glad Stevie was there with us on our journey."

Birthworkers of Color Doula Training Attendee

"I had the privilege of participating in the fall 2019 cohort of the Birthworkers of Color training, co-moderated by Stevie. More than a training, this was a life-changing opportunity and a true labor of love. Stevie thoughtfully organized three days of immersive workshops led by community elders who graciously shared their knowledge of the full spectrum of birth with us. This training was intersectional, it was heavy, it allowed room for joy and play, and it held space for an awareness of trauma and healing. We were able to gain invaluable knowledge about the full spectrum of birth work, including a mindfulness of ancestral traditions from various backgrounds, and had the opportunity to grow in a community with both new and established birth workers. This training was my first introduction to becoming a doula, and I would absolutely encourage anyone with an interest in birth work to seek it out."

Criselle, Birth Doula Client

“I had a doula by my side during my labor and delivery of my second son, Clayton. My doula, Stevie, just so happens to also be my cousin-in-law and she owns her own doula and placenta encapsulation business. I felt that having Stevie there during my pregnancy, at my delivery and postpartum was definitely beneficial to my physical and mental well being. I highly recommend having a doula when you go through pregnancy and delivery. Check her out if you will be or are expecting in or around the Long Beach, Ca area”

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