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Birthworkers of Color Collective

Birthworkers of Color Collective supports marginalized communities by providing full spectrum doula services that are accessible and inclusive. We connect pregnant/birthing/& postpartum individuals, their families, and larger communities with educational, emotional, and physical support through all pregnancy & postpartum outcomes. We conduct workshops and trainings to share knowledge, promote advocacy, build resources & expand the number of trained/competent/& culturally relevant doulas. As a collective we strive to bring our diverse skills, ancestral practices, and unique experiences to the people and communities that we support.

Full Spectrum Doula Trainings

Please visit our training page & follow our social media @BIRTHWORKERSOFCOLOR for more information on
current trainings & offerings

"The aims of this collective of birth workers is to reclaim our medicine, share our knowledge with our community, and heal. Together, we are bringing unique skills, resources, and experiences to our work as birth workers, healers, and people of Color. We provide trainings, workshops, and healing offerings for birthworkers, pregnant people & their families, as well as the larger community. We are rooted in advocacy, systems change, and creating a better more just world. We provide culturally relevant, inclusive, and skilled sliding scale full spectrum doula services to communities of Color."

-Birthworkers of Color Collective

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