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Stevie’s priority is to expand and cultivate community globally with people of Color that share her goals of advocacy, social justice, and birthwork. Stevie has an abundance of experience in community organizing, including but not limited to trainings, workshops, and discussions. She would love to collaborate with other birth workers, community activists, and social justice advocates. Learn more below.

Available To Collab ON: 
IGTV Discussions
Rallies and Protests
Community Events 
  • Herbal First Aid Workshops
    • An introductory course on how we can (re)connect and respectfully use plants/herbs to care for ourselves & our community. 
  • Classes on Pacific Islander Postpartum Traditions ​
  • Carrying the Pacific: Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting (co-curated exhibit) w/ PIEAM​


  • The Sol and Roots team has created content for lactation trainings, abortion trainings, advanced trainings and full spectrum trainings. 


  • Trainings and workshops for healthcare professionals and institutions

If you are interested in any of these trainings, please reach out to

Featured Collaborations

UCLA Midwifery Community Townhall and Email Campaign

Earlier this year, in response to UCLA Health abruptly terminating its midwives/midwifery program Stevie co-organized a Community Townhall and email campaign to call for accountability, transparency, and acknowledgement of the trauma and impact that UCLA-Health’s actions have had on the midwives, patients, and community at large. The work of these birthworkers of color emphasized the importance of midwifery care both in & out of hospital, and to reassert that birth workers are non-disposable essential workers during COVID-19 and beyond. 


This is a community issue that has further & future implications for all of Los Angeles County, birthing people as a whole, and especially birthing people of Color who will continue to be most impacted by these types of decision making.


For Collaboration Requests

Want Stevie to speak at your next training, workshop, or panel? Reach out below, just state the name of your group/company and the details of the event. Someone will get back to you soon! 

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