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Capitalism is not beneficial to public health

Capitalism is not beneficial to public health. Poor & working class people, Black Indigenous People of Color are not disposable! Pregnant/birthing people & future implications on their experiences/access/health/etc should be apart of any & all discussions on public health relating to the pandemic! This is a clip of my response to a question during a phone interview on birthwork/being a small business in these times/& public health during Covid-19 pandemic.

Let’s talk about how many BIPOC still need in person hospital support & advocacy, how not everyone all of a sudden has means or access to homebirth as an option, or how birth disparities haven’t magically stopped because of this pandemic but have actually likely increased.

Let’s talk about how many people still have to work during this time because they don’t have savings or family or credit or cushion to fall back on. Let’s talk about how many people are also financially responsible for others besides their self or nuclear family here & across borders. Let’s talk about how millions of people are being forced to decide between poverty & COVID essentially. .

Let’s talk about how big businesses got bailed out, yet again, while small businesses are struggling.

Let’s talk about how capitalism ain’t shit.

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