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Birthworkers of Color Collective

The Story

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Stevie is the cofounder & co-envisioner of our Doula of Color Training & the Birthworkers of Color Collective. This collective was formed alongside Blanca Maiz (@mama_maiz on IG) after our 1st Doula of Color training, all our members have completed one of our trainings—we have members all over & offer services where ever our members are! So if you would like to join our collective from near or far please don’t hesitate to reach out about attending an upcoming training! & of course if you are already a birthworker (or not) we welcome all the support! 

"The aims of this collective of birth workers is to reclaim our medicine, share our knowledge with our community, and heal. Together, we are bringing unique skills, resources, and experiences to our work as birth workers, healers, and people of color. We provide sliding scale full spectrum doula services. After our initial consultation, we make our best efforts to match you with someone who fits your unique needs and identities. We provide inclusive support to our communities of color." - Birthworkers of Color Collective

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